APK TRUC: Dead on Arrival 2 APK DOWNLOAD

mercredi 28 mai 2014

Dead on Arrival 2 APK DOWNLOAD

Dead on Arrival 2 APK DOWNLOAD

Dead on Arrival 2 APK FREE

To tear completely, however, wave after wave of standing with arms of death-treatment to measure how Minigun spit fire or rocket launcher launch party? Or maybe you can find the launcher or flame freeze ray prefer the hordes to stop in their tracks.

What are arms, comb the red walls and floors as you run, drawing, dodge and fight for his life in an industrial court game full of deadly traps and deadlier enemies.

To the stabbing multijoueuse platform:
Yes, it's true! You can only fight the horde of zombie or join forces and take the bloodthirsty crowd with three other players in coop mode.
[Note: the lower player numbers during the "early release" may have to start while waiting for a game]

The Nvidia graphics:
Tegra take to the next level 4 with dynamic shadows, ultra-realistic splash of blood, amazing lighting effects and the final post-processing. The good as the end of the world, still wanted. To observe this zombie body parts to fly - heads, arms and legs pleuvant the ground - with the awesome ragdoll physics and the environment.

Quick mutilation trained survival action against massive waves of vampires
To fight or just what the team as a multijouor mode with 4 men
Intuitive dynamic orders thumbstick to move, run, aim and pull
To new sectors that contain the most lethal weapons to help you stay alive you open
In order to use the powerful weapons, the lower part of the special infected zombie changes
To destroy the most powerful weapons "random box" and your enemies
For the weapons, armor and ammunition continuous improvement
MODS open strong increase horsepower and improve their chances of survival
Full 3D action with the most advanced bloody consequences
All in ultra-high detailed graphics designed for mobile game
After the death of arrival, new graphics, brings new zombies, new battlefields and weapons upgradeable news.

To continue calling this version and see how long you can survive.

What is nine in this version: (Updated: May 27, 2014)
Fixes output that the game could get stuck at startup
Required Android O / S: Vary the device
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