APK TRUC: LG G4 release date, price and features

jeudi 30 avril 2015

LG G4 release date, price and features

LG G4 release date news and rumors
Although it's been no secret for several weeks, we finally know everything about the new LG G4 thanks to today's official announcement.

It features a premium design led by a leather back option that contrasts with the glass-backed Samsung Galaxy S6 and slippery iPhone 6 aluminum. No need to buy a leather case now.
Soft leather is a personal preference, but no one is going to object to the improved LG G4 camera that steps in front of Samsung's stunning camera with an impressive f/1.8 lens.
Is the LG G4 worth the wait? How long until it launches? We finally have those details clad in leather.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? LG's next flagship smartphone
  • When is it out? Announced April 28, available from April 29
  • What will it cost? Around £500 / $650 / AU$1066

LG G4 release date and price

The LG G4 release date is April 29, at least if you live in the company's home territory of South Korea. It essentially coincides with today's press event, which happened the next day in Korea.
This Android smartphone moves west in late May and early June, according to LG. That means it should be in the US, UK and Australia in time for the summer.

LG G4 invite

That's similar to the one month delay we've seen from other flagship and curved LG phones, including the LG G3 and the even more recent LG G Flex 2.
There's even less of an exact indication as to how much the LG G4 will cost. It's said to be in the same price range as the LG G3, however.

LG G4 design

The LG G4 design lives up to the many rumors that it'll be clad in premium leather, specifically vegetable tanned leather. It'll come in six colors too: brown, black red, sky blue beige, and yellow.

LG G4 leak

Leather isn't for everyone, so other less-flashy backs are available with the new smartphone. The black and gold colors with a metallic coating look familiar, as does the white model with a ceramic coating.
All three of these alternate design options sport a unique hammered pattern, but have a plastic base. The dimensions give it a 148.9mm height x 76.1mm width x 6.3mm to 9.8mm curved depth.

LG G4 render

LG G4 comes off as a larger Moto X with its similar sloped design and genuine leather back variant. However, LG says it uses a lasting vegetable tanning treatment process that takes three months.
If that's what it requires to avoid the easy bruising we experience with Motorola's Android flagship after one day, then it's well worth the effort.

LG G4 screen

Going along with its sharper camera, LG G4 has a more color-rich display to show off your pictures and multimedia, and the results are bright and accurate.
It's still 5.5 inches, still an IPS LCD and still quad HD, but it bumps up the screen specs to a "quantum" display level and is 98% compliant with the Digital Cinema Initiatives industry standard.
This translates into 20% better color reproduction, 25% better brighter for outdoor visibility, and a 50% bump in contrast. Yet the negative LCD technology behind it actually reduces battery life drain.
That's excellent news for people who go out of their way to avoid phones with a 1440 x 2560 resolution because it lights up so many pixels at the expense of the battery. This should help


That slight curve on the LG G4 serves as a way to avoid a cracked or damaged display for the clumsy among us. The curve is not as pronounced as the LG G Flex 2, but remains resourceful nonetheless.

LG G4 camera

The f/1.8 aperture and 0.6 second shutter speed make the LG G4 the brightest and fastest cameras around, edging out the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge by a 0.1 value in each case.


In plain English, this means the 16-megapixel camera remains excellent in low light conditions, allowing 80% more light in than the LG G3. There's also less blur when taking photos of fast-moving objects.
LG G4's camera software has also been enhanced with a comprehensive manual mode, RAW images and a self-friendly Quick Shot mechanic that can take four front-facing pictures for fewer retakes.


In addition to bumping up the camera from 13 megapixels to 16 megapixels, the LG G4 goes from a 2.1-megapixel front camera to a 8-megapixel selfie camera, the same resolution as an iPhone.
Impressively, an ultra-thin 0.1mm blue IR filter is also included to help give photos a natural look with accurate colors by blocking out infrared interference.

LG G4 OS and power

LG G4 has an all-new UX 4.0 interface, but don't worry, this operating system skin doesn't overtake what Google has laid out or duplicate too many apps.
Sure, it has LG's so-so useful smart notices and a overly bright and cheery overlay, and now there's a new smart bulletin that lays out app updates in almost a streamlined widget form.


There's also a Ringtone ID, which automatically composes a custom ringtone for each contact and Quick Memo+, which lets you collect snippets from the web without the adverts.


Other features of the newly announced UX 4.0 include a Smart Alert, which makes activity suggestions based on the weather forecast and a Smart Board, which combines information from multiple apps into a single widget.


Surprisingly the LG G4 passed on the Snapdragon 810 and uses the weaker Snapdragon 808 instead. Overheating issues are probably to blame, but at least this phone has a meaty 3GB of RAM to it.

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