APK TRUC: DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID

mercredi 17 septembre 2014

DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID

DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID

DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK

DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID
DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID

DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID are one of the few who survived (stalkers) DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK and now has to fight for his life against what remains of the Aboriginal population now infected by the disease. In the best traditions and survival horror games, protagonists of "The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID" must explore the open world to collect materials to build their own weapons, tools, fortifications, shelter, etc. against the dangers of the zombies, infected wild life and the world.

In "DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID", the objective is to survive. To do this, you have to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst, cold and radiation.
✔ Crafts of weapons and tools. Felling of trees in the forest to build a camp, or to light a fire to warm up.
✔ do not die of hunger! Killing animals for meat. Recovery of food to keep the hunger.
✔ Build a small shelter or a large fortress. Place traps and defenses to hold a security perimeter.
✔ Discover and build during the day. Defend your base at night.

ATTENTION: DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID
"DOWNLOAD The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID" is a title of access fast. It is currently under development with new added features. Currently, there are bugs, access content, lack of features and other game breaking issues. Quick Access includes the full game when it is released and all future updates. Join us now in fast access will help support the cause and to ensure the continuation of the expansion of the team planning and development efforts and the addition of more features and depth expected by fans. The game is updated quite often - and is evolving much.

For owners of devices with x 86 processor: with a high probability, the game cannot run on your device or can not work as expected, download you it at your own risk!

Random generation of world - square piece of Soviet State mile post at random with abandoned villages, bases military, forests, roads, rivers, lakes, places of the desert, and more...
Day and night - realistic dynamic cycle of day and night with the Sun and the phases of the moon.
Create and destroy, elements and structures of the world may be destroyed or discarded by the resources. Return to purpose of the collected materials to build custom structures and the fortification by hand, place pieces of construction in the world in real time.
Inventory - carrying all the elements you need to survive in the intuitive inventory system developed to meet the needs of artisanal personalization and character.
Point and degradation - crafts in the apocalyptic world of "The Survivor", resources are scarce and all the useful bits should be used. With a growing list of recipes, pick up resources such as wood, Pierre and rusty metal to create weapons and tools. As their tools wear out with time, use your craft skills to repair. Blogs or equipment can be improved, transformed into something more or fixed using innovative mechanisms of handicrafts.
Animals - go to the desert to hunt the animals once you are already looted abandoned buildings.
Stealth system - Sneak more than zombies and animals that can see, hear and feel.
Room temperature - Build / find refuge or a campfire. Evenings long or cold dayz will make a difference.
Each decision support - there is no save games, so each error can be fatal. If you fail, you lose everything, and you will have to start over from the beginning.
In the next updates these features extend envelope with more depth and a wide variety of options to survive the growing dangers of the world.
Features in various stages of development, which will be added during the project: The survivor Rusty forest v0.9 APK ANDROID
More buildings
More crafts
They have expanded
Drivable vehicles
The majority of animals and plants
Climatic effects
What is in this version:? (Last update: October 15, 2014)
many bugs fixed;
new recipes added art;
new added buildings;
added new weapons;
new loot added;
added dream;
Requires Android OS: 3.0 +.

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