APK TRUC: DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID

mercredi 17 septembre 2014

DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID

DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage v192759 APK ANDROID

DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK

DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID
DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID

DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID
Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK kick-ass with a Boltgun in one hand and inducing dishes of carnage in the other, with the small Orks evil in a fantasy world.

This rapid blood bath lightning will push your tablet or phone is limit then make sure that it runs Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher (preferably in the Kit Kat 4.4!) of course. Roadhouse brought an incredible quality console action side-scrolling on your Android device.

DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID: butcher's shop is built for those who like quick action and destroying things and lots!

FEATURES: DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK

Fight as a legendary Ultramarine or unlock the action as the angel of threatening blood. Meet aggressive orcs and patterns bands as you build your space marine to his destructive best very impressive!

It blows through the changing world of Mithras. Up to 9 diabolically different ways to play each level. The challenge: experience strong gravity, corrosive environments, meteor storms, explode enemies and much feared power loss levels of modes.

Easy-to-use faucet controls guarantee carnage without effort, chaos and the destruction of any survey that!

Put the hand on Boltguns, Chainswords, grenades, Thunder hammer, diving packages and much more. Customize and update your Space Marine in WH40K RPG real mode to suit your style and to maximize destruction.

Compete in over 50 levels on the set of 2 cards. 6 more upcoming cards.

Connect with your friends from Google or Facebook game and recruit to complete difficult missions 'Fireteam' co-op Each mission will earn a rare mineral and the chance to get epic equipment.

Warhammer 40,000: Carnage written exclusively by the award-winning author Graham McNeill.

NOTES: DOWNLOAD Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID
IMPORTANT minimum: 768 MB of Ram, 1 GB + recommended
At least Android OS: 4.1 or later
Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 480
Recommended: Device Android made in 2013 or later
If you like this game gives a quick shout in the comments please
Don't hesitate to give it 5 stars!
Warhammer 40000 Carnage APK ANDROID
What's new in this version:? (Last update: August 05, 2014)
[NEW] Chapter of wolves space Update Pack!
Space wolves acquirable by win or buy gold
Unique levels of space wolves
New archetype of the weapon's axe of power for all chapters
Drones support! A partner who will help you to levels. 4 different types and more than 90 drones to find.
New card (port Imperium) with new levels, new entries of Codex and new music!
New gears of war
It increases the maximum level of 50
Deputy Chief at the AI smarter
Intelligent AI from the guardian
Requires Android OS: 4.1 +.
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